Learn the Secrets to Cook Amazing Peruvian Recipes

A Taste of Two Cultures: Peruvian and Spanish Paella Compared

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Discover the Amazing Recipe for Peruvian Beans

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Delicious Causa Juanita, Peruvian Dish make on base Mash Potato

The Peruvian Causa Juanita recipe, is a mixing between yellow spice pepper, lemon juice, mash potato and olive oil. This Peruvian starter plate not only is making with these ingredients, also add canned tuna or boiled chicken plus just a little mayonnaise and leaves...

How to make Peruvian Arroz con Pollo – Chicken Green Rice

The Arroz con Pollo Peruvian (Chicken Green Rice) is a flagship dish in Peru. It’s green color due herb cilantro, spinach and others herbs. Besides they give an spectacular flavor to this tasty plate. Additionally the red bell pepper make contrast of color and...

Delicious Arroz Tapado, Peruvian Rice on Top Dish, You’ll love It

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How to make Aguadito de Pollo Peruano, Peruvian Thick Soup

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How to make Peruvian Fried Rice with Seafood Recipe

Peruvian fried rice with seafood is called in spanish “Chaufa de Mariscos” too. It is a dish that has been enjoyed by many for generations. The dish is simple yet flavorful, with a perfect balance of rice, seafood, and spices. Continue reading and discover...

How to make Amazing Peruvians Beans and Enjoy

Peruvian beans are delicious, get a bag of Peruvian Canary beans and prepare it at home. I recommend that you do it the traditional way and then go ahead and do it in an instant pot. So you will know why this dish has become one of the richest eaten in Peru. Beans are...

How to make Delicious Peruvian Huacatay Sauce really tasty

There’s no better than a delicious huacatay sauce, green chili sauce from Peru. This spicing sauce is ideal to accompany your Peruvians dishes to upgrade its flavor. But, don’t forget it is very spice, to avoid hot I’ll give you some tips to enjoy...

Enjoy Your Live with Good Flavor of Quinoa Soup

The quinoa soup has all strong nutrients from super food “quinoa”. This recipe comes directly from the Peruvian Andes loaded all vitamins and minerals that you and your family need. The Incas since old times used quinoa to prepare delicious food. Specially...

Hello fellows, It is no secret that Peruvian Gastronomy is one of famous due grant tasty and flavor. The different Peruvian dishes have a special attraction. Maybe the species combination, the soft ingredients or “toque de sabor” (touch of flavor) expression. This expression means a good hand to cook the food.

I wanted to give a little part of amazing Peruvian gastronomy introducing to this cuisine. We offer you the most and famous Peruvian recipes. It is with intention you can cook this recipes at home to your family. And get knowledge about how to make a Peruvian recipes easy.

The Peruvian recipes it is no difficult, just need to get the way to cook. Feel the Peruvian chef’s emotion when they cook a “Lomo Saltado”, “aji de gallina” and “causa a la limeña”. All of recipes are so easy to prepare and you will convert in a expert Peruvian chef harry up.

Are you Expecting visit Peru?

Around the world, people like visit different countries. Tourism let you to know new cultures, feel the experience of visit iconic monuments. Also you will taste the gastronomy of this visited country.

Then, if are ready to visit Peru, be sure to try out his awesome gastronomy. Here I’ll advice with recipes the most important Peruvian dishes that you shouldn’t leave of taste. Your taste buds will feel an wonderful time.

Here on this site you will find out many kind of Peruvian recipes in different categories like breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also recipes from different food like beans, chicken, cow, pork, goat. We want to help you to know the Peruvian Cuisine.

By the way you will ready to try this dishes when you go to Peru or at home.

A lot of Kind of Recipes of Peruvian Food

Here you will find Peruvian dishes recipes for the 4 types of foods: breakfast, lunch, dinner and fast food. Let me show some examples. Besides, we have classified recipes by type of meal, like appetizer, second course, desserts and fast food.

Check All Recipes Together

BreakFast Recipes

You’ll find here many recipes of Peruvian food to enjoy with Peruvian gastronomy on breakfast. The meat pork is the king of breakfast in Peru. Yes, recipes of Chicharrones (fried pork) and camote (fried sweet Potato). Also, others recipes like Peruvian Tamales, Relleno and others rich dishes. Also that you can put on bread like Salchicha de huacho.

Lunch Recipes – Second Courses

The major amount of recipes there are to fill this kind of food. At noon you will enjoy the richest dishes of Peruvian food. Easy to make recipes that you can make yourself at home.

The most important ingredients like meat of chicken, pork, cow and goat are using in intensive way. Recipes for Peruvian chicken, Peruvian bean recipes, recipes quinoa and rice recipes

Dinner Recipes

In Peruvian gastronomy, the dinner recipes are the majority of main dishes and appetizers that it’s prepare to lunch. Except for ceviche, and seafood.

It is an old fashion, for Peruvian people don’t make ceviche and some seafood dishes on dinner. Specially like “Arroz con Mariscos” (Peruvian Seafood Paella), Conchas (scallops), Langostinos (shrimps).

But you can try others kind of Peruvian recipes with potatoes, Recipe of Lomo Saltado or recipes with chicken. Also recipes with quinoa and much more.

Fast Food recipes

The Peruvian fast food consists in main dishes and sandwiches with onion sauce and others rich sauces. Specially Anticuchos, Papa Rellena, Green Chili Sauce, Butifarra sandwich and famous Peruvian Empanadas recipes. All recipes will vibrate you with their wonderful taste.

Don’t forget the Drinks like coffee with milk or Quinoa with milk or infusions like “Emoliente”. All foods are shop on the street or small restaurants like traditional ways.


Peruvian recipes desserts are famous due incredible flavor. In Peru, apart from cooking rich, the confectionery is one of its greatest exponents in gastronomy. Cakes and sweet desserts created in colony age are distinguish by sweet ingredients.

We will talk about Peruvian Alfajores recipes, Arroz con Leche recipe, Sweet of Higos chumbos, Mazamorra Morada recipe and others.

Know Peruvian Recipes by Kind of Ingredients

To better classify Peruvian recipes, it is better to consider a classification by ingredients. So much so that we can classify the recipes by the type of meat they use. For example recipes for chicken, beef, goat, duck, turkey and pork.

This way it will be easier for you to find the recipe you need. Your family deserves to savor this delicious meal at home.

Peruvian Recipes with Chicken

In Peruvian cuisine there are a great majority of dishes made base on chicken. In other words, many Peruvian recipes throughout the country are prepared based on this delicious bird.

Besides, recipes for Peruvian chicken are very varied, ranging from a chicken stew, rice such as Arroz Chaufa, rice with chicken. As well as grilled chicken, Escabeche, chicken’s Ceviche and many more. Yes, there are recipes where you’ll find using rice, onions, cilantro, noodles and others ingredients accompanying to chicken.

The secret of Peruvian Aji Recipes

The Aji or chili in Peru is very spicy. But especially the yellow pepper (aji amarillo) is an excellent seasoning. A great majority of dishes are prepared including chili in the recipe.

Although in many cases it is not necessary to use it. But you have recipes such as Aji de Gallina, Ajiaco de papa, Causa Juanita and others. Where they are based on the use of this ingredient.

Also You have Peruvian Steak Recipes

Within the Peruvian steak Recipes we find the famous Lomo Saltado, a delicious dish based on beef tenderloin. There are also others such as meat stew, rice with meat, dried meat and others that are very tasty. With Peruvian recipe Lomo Saltado will you feel the meat on different dimension of taste.

Another very important recipe is the Peruvian beef heart recipes. Which is made of heart cow seasoning with aji, salt, pepper, aji panca. It is cooked in barbecue is a really delicious plate. Try ti at home your family will be enchanted.

The Peruvian Shrimp Recipes

Marine food is one of the currents of the most important Peruvian gastronomy. Especially the prawns. Peru produces many shrimp in the north of the country. Which allows Peruvians to prepare recipes for dishes based on delicious shrimp (Langostinos).

Peruvian Bean Recipe

Like all cuisines around the world, bean is one of main ingredient on Peruvian cuisine. The beans are used from pre-columbian cultures in Peru, from the north to the south, a big amount of dishes uses the beans like a side. Recipes like trigo chambar or ceviche de pato (duck), use a beans like accompanying dish.

However, the Peruvian beans recipe can eat alone, because it has a awesome flavor. Peruvians use a exquisite dressing to cook this dish, ingredients consist in onions, tomatoes, Spanish sausages, oregano, cumin, pepper and more. You can’t get this plate on your, enjoy with your family.

Peruvian Rice Recipes

One of ingredients where Peruvian are experts are rices, you can discover many dishes made of rice. Since Chinese people came to Peru, Peruvians began to eat more kind of rice dishes. It is a time where not only rice recipes like paella from Spain were used on Peruvian cuisine, little by little appeared others recipe like Arroz Chaufa, Arroz con mariscos, Arroz con pollo, arroz con pato and more. 

Since eighteenth century rice converted on strong ingredient and began to accompany everyone dish served on Peruvian homes until today. 

Let me show the most important recipes. You can make these at home and feel new sensations y convert in a Peruvian Chef expert. 

If you want let us a comment or message, just fill the form on contact. We will be please the answer you asap.