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Easy and quick Pollo a la Brasa Recipe (Peruvian Grill Chiken)

Grilled Chicken is a new dish in Peruvian gastronomy. The date of creation dates from 1950, in an area of Lima called Santa Clara. The Swiss immigrant Roger Schuler, observed the preparation techniques of the Peruvian roast chicken and then created aoriginal recipe with a different mechanism to cook the chicken. That’s right, he managed …

lomo saltado recipe
Second Course

Most famous Peruvian Lomo Saltado, One of delicious plate

How to make lomo saltado? The Lomo Saltado is a recipe that dates back to the late nineteenth century, at that time it was called beef tenderloin, salted tenderloin or chorrillana tenderloin. This recipe is born from the influence of the Chinese-Cantonese in Peru, it is the product of the fusion of Peruvian Creole cuisine …