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Papa a la Huancaina Recipe – Potato in yellow cheese cream

Yields1 ServingPrep Time40 minsCook Time8 minsTotal Time48 mins

 5 fresh Yellow Peppers
 1 cup feta cheese (or queso fresco)
 2 garlic cloves
 ¾ cup vegetal Oil
 4 boiled eggs
 1 lettuce
 1 drop drop Milk
 1 slice lemon
 1 kg Peruvian Potatoes (white potatoes)
 Salt as you wish
 6 olives
 8 soda cookies
 2 small head of onnions

At first chop the onnions in julienne style


Fried 3 yellow peppers, onions chopped and 2 peeled garlic clove with vegetable oil


Once browned, add the cup of feta cheese and soda cookies, put in a blender and blend it for 6 minutes.


Add a splash of milk and oil. continue blend the mixtrure


If you want add a raw yellow pepper to get yellow color in the cream.


Add 4 drops of lemon juice to enhance the flavor of the yellow Huancaína cream. And blend again to mix the cream.


Serve the yellow huancaina cream on top of some cooked potatoes and garnish the plate with 2 olives, lettuce, and 2 slices of egg.