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Rich Carapulcra a Peruvian Pork Stew Recipe

Yields1 ServingPrep Time1 hrCook Time1 hr 10 minsTotal Time2 hrs 10 mins

 1 pound dried potato
  pound pork loin diced
  pound chicken breast diced
 1 ½ cups chopped red onion
 1 tbsp fresh garlic paste
 ¾ cup fresh ají panca chilli pepper paste
 ½ tsp salt
 ½ tsp cumin
 3 cups chicken stock
 5 oz peanuts roasted roughly ground
 3 tbsp vegetable oil
 ½ tsp ground black pepper
 ½ tsp ground cumin

Gather ingredients and make sure that step 2 and 3 below are completed the day before preparing the stew in order to soak the potatoes appropriately.


(Day before preparing the stew) Roast the papa seca (freeze-dried potato) over low heat for a few minutes without adding any oil, and let it cool.


Transfer the papa seca to a large metal or glass bowl, cover it with double its volume in cold water and leave to soak overnight at room temperature.


(Day of preparing the stew) Sear the diced chicken and pork in a skillet or pot over a medium heat for a few minutes.


Add the onion, ají panca chilli pepper, salt, black pepper and ground cumin and cook for a few more minutes.


Strain the papa seca and add along with the chicken stock, leaving it to simmer for an hour over a low heat without the lid, stirring every 5 minutes.


After an hour (or when the papa seca is fully cooked), add the ground peanuts and let it stew for another 10 minutes. At this point you can also check if it needs more salt and add it if necessary.


Serve hot with either zarza criolla onion salad (as shown in the photos), boiled cassava or white rice.


(If you really want to give your carapulcra an even more traditional Chinchano feel, make sure to put on some Afro-Peruvian festejo music in the background!)