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How to make Delicious Peruvian Huacatay Sauce really tasty

There’s no better than a delicious huacatay sauce, green chili sauce from Peru. This spicing sauce is ideal to accompany your Peruvians dishes to upgrade its flavor. But, don’t forget it is very spice, to avoid hot I’ll give you some tips to enjoy all flavor of huacatay herb and yellow chili, go ahead. Peruvian …


Delicious Causa Juanita, a Peruvian Dish make on base mash potato

The Peruvian Causa Juanita recipe, is a mixing between yellow spice pepper, lemon juice, mash potato and olive oil. This Peruvian starter plate not only is making with these ingredients, also add canned tuna or boiled chicken plus just a little mayonnaise and leaves of lettuce to decorate the plate. The Peruvian Causa Juanita it …